Sales Manager

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Manufacturer of Cleaning Equipment to extend its’ successful sales team.

Established in 1954 our Client is a pioneer of innovative cleaning solutions, is still at the forefront of cleaning technology and holds international contracts with high-profile B2B and B2C customers.

The role will require a highly motivated and sales-driven manager, who will be able to demonstrate a successful sales career, in order to manage and grow an existing business portfolio.

A key requirement of this role is that the successful Applicant will be able to demonstrate excellent knowledge of the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) business.

The successful Applicant will have full responsibility and accountability for the business growth within the QSR sector and report directly to the Sales Director.

Computer literacy, excellent communication skills and ability to work in a focussed and self-motivated way are also required. A clean, full driving licence, and the availability to be able to work flexible hours due to the nature of the QSR business working hours are essential.

The package includes:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Profit Share
  • Company Car
  • Company mobile phone
  • Company iPad and Laptop

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We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Need to find a Sales Executive, but haven’t got the time to faff around placing advertisements, sorting out cv’s, interviewing once, twice, even three times and making an appointment, because we know we have to fill the vacancy, even though we’re still not sure.

And all this process has taken time we can ill-afford from our own busy schedule.

So, what do we do? In most cases we brief a Recruitment Agency, who will make all sorts of “guarantees” about the quality of applicants they will put before us, having placed an advertisement (which we pay for!!), gone through an initial sorting of the applicants and present a short list of candidates to us.

Somehow, we feel “obligated” to recruit from this list, so go ahead, pay the Agency up to 20% of the annual salary and we have a new employee who needs “training”, not just induction into the company’s procedures and employee contracts and duty of care, etc., etc., but training for the real job you want the employee to do. And, you don’t have the time.
Result; so often an expensive failure and six months later you have to go through the process all over again.

Another cost, rather than what you hoped would be a successful investment. And that cost has come directly from your bottom line.


So often after we’ve recruited, there is an expectation that our new employee will have at least a semblance of the skills set we required to be successful and achieve some realistic targets and objectives.

But how many times have we been frustrated by a lack of basic skills in selling, marketing, customer service and, so, we have to do it; arrange training sessions, which take even more time from our own busy schedules; spend our valuable time accompanying on “sales calls”, only to find even the basic seven steps to successful selling are not understood.

If only we could find a Training Provider we could rely on, who can impart the knowledge, help to mentor and monitor the employee’s progress.


As an employer we want to provide an environment for our employees to make a real contribution to the health, well-being and sustainability of the company and we all know that recruiting and training the right personnel leads to this.

Without a sound recruitment and training partner who can understand and meet our needs, we are unlikely to retain employees to the point where the investment we have made in them brings a satisfactory return for them and for us.

As we already know, the costs associated with recruitment can be excessive, so reducing the need to re-recruit has to be of benefit.

Our industry has a poor record of retention and, I’m sure we know, either from our own experience or those of other companies, just how time consuming, frustrating, disruptive to ourselves AND our customers, all of this can be.

But, we also know that by recruiting the right personnel, training them, retaining them leads to;





The Cleaning Executive Recruitment and Training Agency (CERATA) provides a holistic approach to recruitment and Training and connects with employees specifically in the cleaning, hygiene and healthcare sector.

Its team of highly experienced and qualified professionals are business owners themselves and know all of the issues associated with recruitment.

They also know how to turn cost into profit.


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