Sales Training Concept

Moving the conversation from cost to profit is what all of us in the industry are keen to do. But how do we do it?

We work in an industry where our products and services are often seen as “commodities” and which do not provide value.

CERATA believes that we make an invaluable contribution to the health, safety and wellbeing of the community. It is by approaching customers in a professional manner and by understanding how our products and services contribute to the profitability of our customers’ business that we can improve our image and increase our own bottom line.
Start by making sure that your customer-facing sales staff are properly recruited, trained and have a knowledge of the sales process which will enable them to turn the conversation from cost to profit.

CERATA provides a recruitment service, specifically targeted at the Cleaning Executive, who is seeking to move to another company to enhance their knowledge, expertise and experience in the industry.

CERATA also provides recruitment opportunities for aspiring Cleaning Executives wishing to step into the only industry which serves every business in the world.

CERATA offers a comprehensive programme of training workshops which include:

Each of these workshops will include real experiences from the industry and are led by highly experienced professionals from across all areas of this business sector.

A Certificate of Competence (Endorsed by The British Institute of Cleaning Science, BICSc) is issued and can be used as part of an individual’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

For further information and details of other workshops, including, “An introduction to Marketing”, “Customer Care” and “Account Management”, fill in the form below:

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